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Refurbished, yet indistinguishable from new.


Rolex. Find your perfect match.



Welcome to the flagship store of Haydn Welch Jewellers in the beautiful Jurassic coastal town of Sidmouth. Why not take a day trip and have a peaceful stroll along the prom. Buy your next Rolex from our extensive collection of preowned watches and celebrate a wonderful day with a cream tea at our favourite seaside restaurant, and let us cover the bill.


Our ROLEX Watches

These are the web pages of the Haydn Welch Jewellers Rolex watch collection. All Rolex watches are preowned, serviced and refurbished. All offered in first class condition with two year guarantees.


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In store, you will find a large collection of quality watches and jewellery. We pride ourselves in carrying a full range of well regarded top brands by important makers. Chosen by ourselves for that small gift, lovely present or something rather more luxurious for those rather more special moments.


All Rolex watches are fully serviced and completely REFURBISHED

Offered complete with a comprehensive two year guarantee. It is our aim to supply your PREOWNED Rolex at substantial savings WHEN COMPARED WITH NEW EQUIVALENT MODELS. Many at less than HALF RETAIL PRICE. MANY LOOK INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM NEW